What people are saying

The Food Lovers Weight Loss Solution

“My goal was to loose 12 to 15 pounds and eat healthier – especially my night meal. I have achieved both goals in the last 2 months with Artisan Bistro Pro by eating their meals 5 nights a week and at lunch on the weekends. What I like about the meals is that they are tasty, contain quality ingredients, and they look good. There is such a variety to choose from that you don’t get bored. Just an FYI, I am an excellent cook, who has taken classes at the Culinary Institute of America and I have two sons that are chefs in Atlanta, so we know good food.”

– Kirk, GA (recommended by Dr John Abel)

My Affordable, Healthy, Portioned Control Solution

“Dr Axline recommended Artisan Bistro Pro to me to improve my health and lose weight – Artisan Bistro Pro has not let me down. I really like that the Artisan Bistro Pro meals are easy to prepare, are healthy and actually taste good! I eat Artisan Bistro Pro for dinner to prevent myself from overeating. Artisan Bistro Pro meals have helped me control my portions, save time, save money and become healthier.”

– Janet, TX

More Freedom! My Gluten & Dairy Free Clean Living Solution

“My doctor Lisbeth Roy recommended Artisan Bistro Pro meals to me. Some days I eat two Artisan Bistro Pro meals, some days none. I like that my Artisan Bistro Pro meals come frozen because I don’t feel the pressure to worry about fresh food going bad. I like knowing my Artisan Bistro Pro meals are there when I don’t feel like preparing fresh food or don’t feel like grocery shopping! Artisan Bistro Pro meals make my Gluten and Dairy free, clean living lifestyle easy. I know I am getting quality minimally processed food I can trust. That kind of service means less time grocery shopping and preparing food and more freedom!”

– Alli, FL

Helped Us Maintain Our Independance

“Our son works as a District Sales Manager for Metagenics and introduced my husband and I to the Artisan Bistro Pro Meals some months ago. At the time my health was poor, I was having gastrointestinal bleeding (GI) and getting transfusions almost every week until I started eating healthy with the Artisan Bistro Pro Meals. Since I have been eating the meals I have not had a GI Bleed or needed a blood transfusion for 4 months. They have just made it easier for me to deal with my digestive problems. Artisan Bistro Pro meals make our life so much easier. My husband and I enjoy eating them for dinner, saving us having to worry about cooking and cleaning up. It’s wonderful to have a prepared meal that fits with Metagenics’ lifestyle programs and products and uses good quality, healthy ingredients that we know will help us eat and feel better.”

– Shirley, CA

Convenient Lunch For Weight Loss & Better Overall Health

“I was introduced to Artisan Bistro Pro by our nutritionist Donna Ichikawa with the goal to lose some weight and improve my health. Artisan Bistro Pro allows me to stay on track, their meals are easy to grab when I’m on the run. They are also very tasty and very healthy. My wife and I both eat Artisan Bistro Pro for lunch everyday and we both feel we’re achieving our goals and seeing our overall health improve. My favorite meal is the Cilantro Coconut Chicken and my wife’s is the Roasted Red Pepper Chicken.” 

– Mathew, IL

Mathew and his wifes favorite meals are Cilantro Coconut Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper


Health After A Loss

“My husband passed away and I was finding it hard to just cook for one. Artisan Bistro Pro was recommended to me by my doctor, Dr Janet Huang to help improve my health and lose weight. I don’t really have a favorite Artisan Bistro Pro meal, I just love all the chicken meals! The service is phenomenal, I love the food, and Artisan Bistro Pro is making a very difficult time a lot easier.”

– Andrea, CA

Helping Improve Blood Work

“I was introduced to the Artisan Bistro Pro Meals by Cheryl Francis at All Care Medical. Together with the help of the All Care Medical team and the Artisan Bistro Pro Meals, I have lowered my blood sugar. I like the Artisan Bistro Pro meal nutritional values. I don’t have a favorite meal, I just enjoy all the chicken and turkey meals and eat them for lunch and occasionally dinner.”

– Mike, NH

An Adventure In Every Meal

As a disabled, home bound, diabetic, four time cancer survivor (Thyroid 3x), food selection/preparation is a daily daunting task. When I received my first meals from Artisan Bistro Pro, they were so healthy my body went, “what”!  Ate a couple of them, and gave the rest away. Fully knowing I needed the food, I ordered more meals.  Ate a few more; gave away a few less.  When I ordered them the third time around, not only did I eat all the meals, but also kept the boxes. Carefully, I studied all the ingredients. At the local grocery store, I purchased every single variety of fresh frozen veggies they had in their freezer. This time when I placed my order, I matched the meals to the veggie packs from the store. Essentially, adding the same veggies as the meal.  

Eating alone, I try to imagine what country the meals might come from.  I set the DVR to record those countries.  When mealtime comes, I watch the program featuring the country represented in the food.  See/learn new things while feeding my body exactly what it needs.  Transported/transformed, I am not so lonely any more. My blood sugar is stabilizing, and I have lost 17 pounds.                                                     

My favorite meal is the Chicken Marsala. My Sicilian great-grandmother took a daily shot of Marsala wine. When the succulent aroma of the chicken cooking in the Marsala Sauce permeates the air, I can see her cooking in the kitchen. Recently, I ordered a spiral vegetable slicer.   When it arrives, I plan to replace the frozen veggies with fresh, and turn the fresh vegetables into the classic spaghetti shape. My next Chicken Marsala meal will lie on a bed of multi-colored zucchini noodles with a side of Asparagus (natural cancer fighter & kidney/spleen cleanser).  In fact, I eat all the meals with Asparagus. Steam them for about 30 seconds in organic chicken broth, and then use the same broth to warm up the meal.

When my son comes to visit, his favorite meal is the Wild Alaskan Salmon with Balsamic Glaze. For his hungry “after work” appetite, I add a quart of brown rice and a bag of spinach. He is thrilled when great food via Artisan Bistro Pro is waiting for him vs. some take out. These meals have made a magnanimous difference in our lives. Strongly, recommend them to all.

 – Amanda, MI

Amanda’s  favorite meal is Chicken Marsala

Great Meals Fast

So far I’ve ordered two shipments and am running out, getting ready to order again.I love my Artisan Bistro Pro entries and have two per week when I’m not able to prepare my own meals. They’re fresh-frozen, so you cook them in a microwave or oven. They are not oily and have mostly lean, good quality protein and lot’s of veggies, no processed carbs. If I have to eat frozen, this is the only way to go!”

  – Ella, CA

Sharing with Friends

“I bring an Artisan Bistro Pro meal to work most every day and have shared one with some of my friends over the last few months.  They loved the taste and were especially impressed with how convenient it is to get these healthy, low calorie and very reasonably priced meals delivered right to their door and asked me for the website address so they could place an order themselves!.”

– Peggy, ME

Old Fashion Kitchen Cooking

“Artisan Bistro Pro are the best TV dinners I have ever tasted…..First of all they are gluten free and I am a celiac therefore gluten is the first ingredient I look for…I am also very allergic to soy which is another ingredient that most of the TV dinners do not contain…they are all natural, easy to prepare and delicious…..because they are natural the dinners have that added touch of old fashion kitchen cooking…..In addition the TV dinners arrive on time with Fed EX …I don’t know  how I ever lived without them…thanks for the  hard work that has gone into the background of the dinners and JJ Virgin is who introduced them to me!!!!”

– Polly, FL

So Fresh

“I am loving my Artisan Bistro Pro meals I am doing it for portion control and weight loss I heard about it from Dr DenBoer in Grand Rapids MI. It makes it easy for me to eat and not over eat I love the fact that they are so fresh. I am eating them for lunch and dinner my 2 favorites are Chicken Romesco and the Turkey Piccata.”

– Tracy, MI

Tracy has two favorites, the Chicken Romesco and the Turkey Piccata

A Plan from Heaven

 “I recently moved to New Mexico from Washington State leaving behind my grandchildren and best friends in order to follow a dream of becoming an art therapist/counselor and enrolling in college here. As you may well guess, the stress of college, working and missing friends and family has taken it’s toll on my body weight. I have always used food to comfort myself and especially sweets. Being already overweight the 7 months have been here has added another 35 lbs. to my problem.
I came across JJ Virgin and her eating plan sounded like something I could commit to and so I ordered her meal replacement shake. On her store page she had an advertisement for Artisan Bistro Pro which looked so appetizing that I could not resist checking you out. Oh my! I knew I could do this new eating plan with your meals–pulling them out of the freezer, no grocery shopping, no trying to think how to cook things that are on my meal plan and finding out that I was missing ingredients. Artisan Bistro Pro sounded like a plan from heaven to help me on this journey of shedding excess weight.
So I ordered 2 weeks worth to try you out and the meals were delicious! I love the Salmon both dishes, truthfully, I did not think that a frozen salmon dish would be good–frozen fish??? But to my delight the fish is flaky, moist and mouthwatering with taste…Wow! Then I tried the Chicken Creole, Turkey Piccata–I  cannot say enough good things about how the vegetables and poultry tasted in the sauces that you have prepared. I could not have cooked these dinners any better myself! And actually I am a pretty good cook; well, in the old style of cooking.

The best thing after the taste and freshness of the ingredients was the knowledge that these are organic, planned according to my meal plan from JJ Virgin and did not contain anything I shouldn’t be eating…I could eat these meals without an ounce of worry about getting it right, the portions were perfect, and no chemicals. I cannot thank you enough for the great tasting worry-free meals, that working with the meal replacement shake, has allowed me to shed 20 lbs. in 2 weeks. 2 weeks!!! I am so amazed. To have a great tasting meal to look forward to everyday without fuss or mess or clean up made it possible for me to do this. I would not have come home from school and work to cook such a delightful meal for myself. In fact I probably would have grabbed fast food, or snacks rather than cook. So these meals ensured my successful weight loss. I cannot thank you enough for providing such a great service at such a great price and give meals of perfection. Oh, and I cannot choose a favorite one–they ALL taste so good!! One more thing. I received the meals 3 days after ordering!!! How good is that!
THANK YOU so much. Blessings upon this wonderful company.”

– Linda, NM

Linda can’t choose a favorite one, they all taste so good

Finding Time for the Kids

“Artisan Bistro Pro has personally helped me achieve my weight loss goals. I saw the value in Metagenics, but procrastinated starting it for months dreading the preparation of meals. I knew there was no way I could stick to a plan if I had to shop and prep food the night before. I am a busy working mom. I want to come home and spend time with my kids. The delicious, filling meals are so easy to prepare. I don’t have to skip meals or settle for a fast food option because I am too busy seeing patients. I recommend the Metagenics clear change detox before jumping into a new food plan. It will help you identify any food intolerances and helps to eliminate cravings.

– Brandy, Hormonal Health and Wellness, TX

Prepare for Success

 “I believe that one of the most important ways to help people succeed in FLT is to prepare, prepare and prepare.  I make sure that I always recommend healthy options for our patients to have available.  Many times time/hunger get in the way and most people are apt to grab the first available food.  One of the foods I recommend to have available is Artisan Bistro Pro meals, especially if they do not like to cook!  These meals are the proper foods/portions and they have the ability to heat up in the microwave in minutes. As a side note, I have these meals sent to my son at college so he has proper nutrition available instead of junk food.  He really likes the meals.  Awesome.  Please keep cooking..”

– Brenda, The Parvus Center, FL

Freedom to Take Care of Myself

“I am so thankful for Artisan Bistro Pro. I have food allergies and this product has made my life so much easier. Rather than having to skip meals or not having options in social settings Artisan Bistro Pro has given me the freedom to take care of myself without feeling deprived. I also feel like I have healthy, fast options available to my family rather than fast food. Life changing – thank you!.”

–Jodi, MN


Work In Progress

“I live in Canada in the Province of Manitoba, about an 1 and 1/2 hours from the U.S. border. My story is not yet a complete success. I started JJ Virgin’s program and through her learned about Artisan Bistro Pro. Artisan Bistro Pro was not available in Canada so I thought I would just run around and buy the organic, soy-free, gluten-free, sugar/sweetener-free, peanut free and dairy-free food. This proved to take an inordinate amount of time, plus cooking AND  I wasn’t that crazy about the food I made.”


“I checked further into ordering Artisan Bistro Pro and when I compared the price of these meals with my shopping and running around all over the City of Winnipeg, I decided to give them a try because the price is really great.

Ordering and when to expect the meals was easily explained on the website. So, I ordered on the weekend and had them delivered to a parcel pickup place at the border. I have done this 3 times now, the last being thorough incredible blowing snow  with white out highway conditions because of course you have to pick the meals up on a certain day.

Because I have to go to a fair bit of trouble to get these meals, I appreciate them even more. My absolute favorite is Coconut Chicken and Chicken Romano.

I work shift work so it easy to take an Artisan Bistro Pro meals to work and know that I am eating healthily.

I am a work in progress..”

–Margot, Canada

Margot has two favorites, the Cilantro Coconut Chicken and the Chicken Romano



Incredibly Grateful

“Usually, the ones who win these types of contests have the biggest “success story”, because they drop a large amount of weight, or because their “Before and After” pictures show a dramatic change.  Many who purchase Artisan Bistro Pro do so because their doctor or practitioner recommended, or because they are overweight or have health issues.  But that isn’t my story.  I don’t have a dramatic “Before and After” picture because for the past 20 years, I have eaten all organic and super healthy.  I have also maintained a very healthy weight for my 49 years of age because I eat so healthy.  And what is deemed as ‘healthy’ for the average American is still unhealthy for me.  When I first saw JJ Virgin on PBS, I was so excited.  I exclaimed to my husband:  “Finally!  Someone who is raising awareness about GMOs, soy, corn, wheat and gluten on major television!”  As a Hypnotist, Life Coach and Nutrition Coach for 15 years, I have been teaching many of these principles to my weight loss clients and clients with health issues.  I was so impressed with JJ that I purchased her book.  Although I already knew a great deal of the info in JJ’s book, I still learned many other things.  I mention JJ because she is the one who sent an email to those of us on her list, introducing Artisan Bistro Pro meals.

I was super excited to learn about Artisan Bistro Pro.  For years, I have been waiting for meals like Artisan Bistro Pro to be available.  I cook a lot, and freeze some of my foods, and even tried some personal chefs over the years, which were very expensive.  Finally, a company like Artisan Bistro Pro came to the forefront.  This guarantees healthy meals for my husband and I on the nights when I don’t cook.  My husband and I recently bought an extra 5-cubit-square-foot freezer for our basement so we can order Artisan Bistro Pro meals in bulk.  I am incredibly grateful for this company, and have turned many of my friends and clients on to Artisan Bistro.  I don’t think I have one ‘single’ favorite meal.  I have many Artisan Bistro ‘Pro ‘Favorites’.  Some of my favorites are the Roasted Red Pepper Chicken, Chipotle BBQ Chicken, Turkey Piccata, Chicken Romesco and the Chicken Marsala.  Sometimes I add extra green beans, broccoli or bok choy, and sometimes I’ll add a little brown basmati rice.  Sometimes I’ll enjoy a salad with my Artisan Bistro Pro meal.  My husband enjoys the Mexican Chicken.  He used to eat a lot of those so-called ‘healthy’ burritos and Mexican dinners from the health food store, but I stopped buying them because they usually contained wheat and corn.  Now, my husband will sometimes put some of the Artisan Bistro Pro Mexican Chicken into an organic rice burrito and add salsa to it.  There are many different ways we enjoy the Artisan Bistro Pro meals.  I’m glad Artisan Bistro Pro came along.  We look forward to enjoying many more meals.  Wishing you all a continuing prosperous business! ”

– Loretta, TN

Loretta has several favorites they are, Roasted Red Pepper Chicken, Chipotle BBQ Chicken, Turkey Piccata, Chicken Romesco, and the Chicken Marsala

Cravings Have Vanished

“I am a health care provider in Jupiter, FL, and I love turning my patients on to Artisan Bistro Pro.  Artisan Bistro Pro has taken away my daily stress of dinner time. I would dread dinner time… trying to decide again and again what to feed my family.  I always want a healthy meal; however, prior to Artisan Bistro Pro, I would find myself eating quick, easy to prepare, not so healthy meals, due to time constraints… kids’ activities, homework, life in general! I would also have night time cravings, which have vanished since eating Artisan Bistro Pro. The meals have so few calories, and a lot of protein.  It is amazing how satisfied I feel after eating an Artisan Bistro Pro meal, which leaves me full for hours! I truly love Artisan Bistro Pro!”

– Shay, FL

The Ultimate Fast Food!

 “Upon the recommendation of Marvy’s Dr. of Naturopathy, we ordered Artisan Bistro Pro meals.  We were pleasantly surprised at how full flavored these meals are!  Also, they are very easy to prepare (little coconut oil in a frying pan, and it heats up well in about 10 minutes……………no microwave!!)
Therefore, not only are the meals delicious, they are the ultimate Fast Food!”

– Sam & Marvy, TX

Artisan Bistro Pro is Helping Me Change My Life

 “I wanted to take this time to tell a you about how far I’ve come in a short time…I’ve had an auto immune disease that has taken my quality of life away from me…I was always active in my life. Then, My skin began to have a patch that looked like dry skin, it started to grow, my leg become so it was hard to bend, it was almost impossible to make a fist with my hands….my leg pain was so bad I could hardly walk, the pain was unbelievable….I have two wonder young girls and a husband that have made getting through this time my focus. I felt that there was more to here’s a pill, or take that! I had to start to change what food I was putting in my body….After research I ordered the Artisan Bistro Pro food. With a clean eating plan which included my meals from Artisan Bistro Pro! I’m seeing the change in my body, losing weight, clearer mind, I’ve seen my health become so much better and healthier, I see my old active self-coming back!!! I look forward to this summer and being able to do more then watch from the shore as my kids do water sports on the back of the boat, Artisan Bistro Pro is helping me change my life so I can get back in the boat and be with my family again!!!”

– Laurie, WA

My Heartburn is Gone

“A couple of years ago I was having heartburn all the time and feeling sluggish when I came across JJ Virgins book. I decided to give up the foods to see if that was my problem, which I came to find out I have an intolerance to milk and through her diet the symptoms disappeared. …I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Artisan Bistro Pro frozen meals. I frequently take a meal to work because they are so convenient. It has made eating healthy and clean so much easier! Through this whole process I have lost 25 pounds and I feel so much better. I love the fact that they are organic, Non-GMO and nothing artificial. I love ALL of the meals, I couldn’t pick a favorite, kudos to the chefs! Thank you!”

–Kathy, OH

Kathy loves all the meals, she can’t pick a favorite

Mealtime Truly Enjoyable

“I have been trying to eat healthy (dieting) for a very long time (over 40 years).  I currently am a caregiver for family members, and work a full-time job (with some overtime too).  With Artisan Bistro Pro, I am able to eat healthy with the kind of flavor that only The Food Collective is able to create and ship for my very busy lifestyle.

Thank you, Artisan Bistro Pro (and The Food Collective)!  You make mealtime truly enjoyable!”

– Linda, CA

Haven’t Given Up

“I’m a 61 year old female and have added on about 25 lbs. in the last decade.  Granted my diet selections have not always been prudent, but as much as I’m attracted to freshly baked muffin tops, they are NOT quite so appealing when you end up wearing them around your mid-section.  I’ve taken on various diets over the years but the only thing that seemed to work was a near-starvation regimen, which was just temporary, then the hunger would take over and it would all come back.  Recently a co-worker told me about Artisan Bistro Pro.  I replace one meal with an Artisan Bistro Pro meal, and drink a small green smoothie each day, and am happy to report I’m 7 lbs. down in the first two weeks. These are actually diet “changes”. I don’t believe I have “given up” anything!   I was told the meals were tasty, but was unprepared for the flavor.  Absolutely nothing “diety-tasting” about these meals! I really love them, AND I can get them gluten free!  I also expected them to be more costly than they are.   I’d place bigger orders if my freezer had the space.   Gee, think what I could do if I actually exercised! .”

– Teresa, CA

Love Feeding Them to My Family

“Without question Artisan Bistro Pro has been an integral part of my continued in well-being. Not only have I lost a much needed to lose 30 pounds above all I feel indefinitely better being gluten-free and eating clean healthy organic non-processed foods that I can access on the go! Moreover, I love feeding them to my family and my child as well! You keep up the good work and I will too!”

– Khaliah,  PA


Eat Healthy and Fast

“Artisan Bistro Pro made managing lunches at work very easy. My wife and I are able to eat healthy and fast. Plus we are able to follow our strict diet plans (Paleo). It has been tremendously easy. Plus everyone gets jealous of me at work because my meals smell and look so much better than traditional frozen meals. 

We enjoy the Coconut Cilantro Chicken, the Red Pepper Chicken, and the Chipotle BBQ Chicken the best.

The ability to have a healthy meal that only takes seven (7) minutes is something that is so easy and so helpful. Thanks.”

– Matthew,  IL

Mathew enjoys the Coconut Cilantro Chicken, the Red Pepper Chicken, and the Chipotle BBQ Chicken the best.

Improved the Quality of My Life

“My story is about how Artisan Bistro Pro helps me. I have a Celiac Sprue and have cross sensitivities to dairy and soy. I also have Myalgia Encephalomylitis and live alone. Having these gluten, dairy and soy free meals delivered to me has improved the quality of my life. I am so grateful. Thank you!”

– Mari, FL


A Phenomenal Addition To My Practice!

“Artisan Bistro Pro is a phenomenal addition to my practice.  Not only are they gluten free, dairy free, and soy free they are low in salicylates and sulfites! In today’s busy world it’s hard to find the time to prepare nutritious delicious meals and be successful on their FLT program.   Artisan Bistro Pro is an excellent solution to this problem, and I have personally tried these meals and absolutely love them!   You just cannot beat the quality!”

– Bridget Briggs, M.D., CA

80 Years Young

“I just turned 80 years young. I have been conscious of my health for years. A few years ago my wife passed away. I never cooked per say and my daughter, who is a Practitioner of Artisan Bistro Pro, has cooked for me and packs up my meals for me to reheat. Needless to say, I cannot expect her to do that for me often as she has her own life as well.

She introduced me to these meals and it give us both peace of mind knowing that my nutrition is clean. The foods are tasty and a lot to choose from. I am old fashion and must have my fish every Friday. I love the Wild Alaskan Salmon with Balsamic Glaze meal, but am trying others next. But all of these meals are very easy to prepare and clean-up is next to nothing. I continue to go to the gym three times a week and we play volley ball two of those days. I know that eating healthy plays a large role in my active levels at my age and will continue to stock up on Artisan Bistro Pro meals!”

– Alvin, NY

Alvin loves the Wild Alaskan Salmon with Balsamic Glaze